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Board Cozy Gray
Daniel Fabi

Looks very good, perfect quality!
Fits perfectly on my 159-Stomper.

Halldor Pro
Nicholas Gramantierie

Halldor Pro

elie gaillard


Halldor Pro
Awesome board

I was slightly hesistant about the 3BT and the softer flex. I have been riding a custom X which is crazy stiff. After 2 runs, felt totally comfortable with the Halldor Pro. So much more playful, great board to mess around but still able to go downhill fairly aggressively.

Florian Müller-Lampertz
Top tier allround Snowboard

I was riding rental boards for years and decided to get the Stomper as my first self owned board. I have to say that the board performs everywhere and not only in the park. Love the graphics too. Overall top board.

Halldor Pro
Andy Kantola
Detailed board review ( northern Michigan snow)

I’ve rode for 30 years, I’m 35. I bought the 151- I’m 138 pounds and 5’7.
This board feels big because of the shape of the tips. I find it slightly more difficult to whip spins just before landing (compared to Burton process camber)
It rides great on every snow condition except ice. If your edges are super sharp then ice is fine otherwise it’s not good.
The feel of the board has a rolling effect from the TBT, meaning you can transition from edge to edge extremely quickly, without really feeling a flat spot, so it rides like a skateboard. With that being said you cannot depend on the tip an tail to hold a landing- you have to land with your weight exactly the same over each foot like a skateboard) so this board will make you a stronger rider.
Personally, I found I have to place bindings so my tips are the same length, otherwise it rides like shit.
The TBT is fantastic for not catching her edges however, when you spin off jumps It takes a lot of effort to lock yourself into your landing. Because you contact points are lifted off the ground It caused a lot of wash out/ revert action. The board has a very soft flex on The tips- so soft when you press it feels like your riding rocker even though this is a camber board.
I’ll keep it. Fun board to ride, good in shallow powder! but not the best for filming (it’s not as clean on film as a normal camber snowboard. I will be back on a traditional camber board with no base alterations whatsoever next season. Overall, I am happy with my purchase for what it is. Hopefully this helps somebody.

Edoardo Panato


Kristoffer Hansson
The perfect kids board!

Got the 115 for my (somewhat) tall 6-year old. He’s been riding a 100cm Mini Grom for the last two years, but there’s a major step up in quality.

The Jumper actually feels like a full quality snowboard, just smaller. You can actually wax this board.

It’s a fair bit wider than his previous board so it took him a bit of effort in the beginning, but after a couple of days there’s no turning back. He loves it! The 3BT totally makes sense and he hasn’t caught an edge yet. Being a bit on the wider side, this board will grow with him for a longer time.

Biggest bonus for my son is the graphics, but even more so the pretty massive sticker pack. Nothing too crazy, but it’s a way for him to spice things up and he is so damn proud of his Lobster sticker job!

Eiki Pro
Kalin D
The best board I've ridden

I love this board it's nice and playful and does great over large features. I recommend this board to anyone who likes riding with options it's soft enough to butter for days but also stiff enough charge large features. There warranty is great I've got a replacement board for 1 and it was a piece of cake. The team was super helpful and cool it's what makes them a good company. Love lobster boards

Owen Petten

Order this board after hitting huge on a fluke SB bet (shouts Hurts for first td) & it’s been the best purchase of my life.
Was looking for a board that I wouldn’t have to think about beating up as I learn to jib & hit rails which this board has delivered on, added with the fact that I’ve gotten countless compliments on the graphics it takes the cake as my favourite I’ve ever owned.
Been riding for years but never gotten into park riding but this board has been a great entry level for me into the genre.
Would recommend 10/10

Great Bindings for the Price

Coming from Burton Cartel bindings & a few other Burton examples, I had my expectations set a little lower based on price alone but was very pleasantly surprised. After telling myself many times I’d put the cartels on my new Shifter, the Crushers prevail.
The all plastic construction is very high quality & personally never had any issues unstrapping where’re intentional or not. The option to run no backs has been a blast to play with in the backyard, but I have noticed some noticeable rubbing on the padding after only week or so of pretty consistent use.
Overall for the price these bindings are a great entry level & offer competitive quality & fun value, only reason for not giving 5 stars is that personally plastic will never have the as great a feeling as aluminum.
Happy Shredding!

East coast riders

I love this board, first off let me start by saying I’m a newer rider. I have tested it at my local resort which is mainly man made snow and a good amount of ice (go figure) and it handles everything nicely. For first timers this board is extremely forgiving but far from boring it handles speed exceptionally well for a softer flex, I just recently got back from a trip to white face and it held up perfectly I couldn’t ask for a better board. I know I won’t out grow it and I have plenty to learn with it. Excellent board guys!!

Halldor Pro
Viktor Dudáš

Halldor Pro

Hunter N.
Trix yogurt never looked so good.

This board looks as good as it rides. It holds the right edges, and its killer for jumps and side hits. Soft enough to hold good butters, but stable enough to bomb double diamonds. Very worth the money.

Board Cozy Black
Sander Hoek
Size is to small, but according to given specs it should fit

I have 156w and it fits like the thing will be torn into pieces after a few uses…. Material is not stretchy enough for wider boards, i dont even think a 157 would actully fit in lenght as well…🤷 overal the things look great.

Board Cozy Black
Piotr Sawicki
Lobster Board Cozy is veryyyy cozy

Seriously though, very good product that helps to transport your board without damaging anything around.

Such a fun board!!

Soo fun that I actually had to buy 2 of them!

Halldor Pro
Ronald a.G.
Halldor pro

Awesome board exactly what I expected 👏 👌 first day of use was on fresh powder and the board responded really good, hitting those side jumps WAS AWESOME 💯 THANKS HALLDOR AND EIKI

Board Cozy Black
Karl Hans Bammer

Board Cozy Black


Product delivered on time. Ordered direct from Lobster, in perfect condition with the sleeve. I missed out on my military discount, which they offered but I ordered to soon. Love the board, after all the research, the best bang for the buck. Thanks I will spread the word.

Alexandre S.

The board arrived on time, great quality, packaging and same for the soft cover!
I'll come again for the next board

Halldor Pro
Dolphin Love 🐬

Seen Dolphins inside the wave jumping past surfers? Laughing in the air and making everyone feel out of place! On Halldór Pro you can be that dolphin!

Eiki Pro
elie gaillard

Eiki Pro

2way Grid Mask
adorian Delmon
Sexy mask gangy

Super cool warm , and pretty stylish baby

Halldor Pro
Just Send It

This review is for the Miserable Ice Coast Massholes like myself. Basically mother natures red headed step children. Who have to rely on reviews from mother natures prized children of the west coast. And have to wing it and hope for the best when buying a board.

My stats: 6’4, 210lb Dude, 157W

So listen up ya goons, west coast folks keep scrolling you’re not wanted here. Ice coast folks hear me out.

So I’ve hit the treacherous ice castles we have grown to love that Mother Nature condemned us to, 5 times this season so far, with the board. I wanted to try it a few times before reviewing. I usually ride a 164W Rome Sawtooth, which is super aggressive and directional and I wanted to go back to something more playful to go back and forth with. I’ll start by saying this thing is the tits (can I say that on here?)

I sized down to a 157W so I could hit the park with it, It’s wicked playful, and has a good pop to it. Deff enjoying my ride on it. It can handle the whole mountain which is dope.

Now on crud, it rides like any other playful board does, you’re gonna feel the lumps and just suck it up and send it.

Grainy man made, you’re good to go all day and same goes for some hard pack and corduroy. Fun as hell, pretty forgiving and honestly haven’t caught an edge at all which has been most impressive thus far.

Now ICE…. It’s ice folks, you’re gonna have a bad time. You hit that shiny sheet of death, just let Jesus take the wheel. It doesn’t cut through the ice like a super stiff carving board would, but you also didn’t buy this board for that reason so why should it. You’ll live, just might be a bit sketchy if you hit it wrong.

Overall just buy the damn thing, the graphic is dope, it’s a fun all around board, Tested it in MA, VT & NH.

Only gripes are it’s on the slower side, but by no means slow. but I also sized small for what I wanted from it, so appropriate sized it can prob rip.

Second gripe: The top isn’t as durable and scratch resistant as other boards I had in the past.

While on a lift my buddys skis scraped against the top and there’s a decent scratch which is like meh, wish it didn’t scratch so easy. but it is what it is, doesn’t make the the board any less awesome. Don’t be that guy who rates down the performance of a board just cuz of something that happened cosmetic from your buddy.

End of the day take each review with a grain of salt, but this board can handle the Ice Coast and the graphic goes great with my teal and pink leopard print onsie, so that’s the icing on the cake.