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Sender Snowboard
Mario Moran
Overall Experience with Company

Nothing but good stuff.

Eiki Pro Snowboard
Jonas Van Tiggelen
Eiki Pro

Sick board, with a super nice flex. Perfect for some jibbing and shredding!

Got my new board and super stocked about it!!! Haven’t really had the chance to test it but looks good and I’m eager to test it in upcoming season🏂

Icon Riding Hoodie
Adrian Leuthauser
Great all-around hoodie

Hoodie has so much comfort and style. The upper part has more of a jacket like feel while the bottom half retains the hoodie satisfaction. Not only can you were it on the slopes but definitely makes for an excellent fall hoodie

Stomper Snowboard
Rogan Kennedy

Been eyeing this company for a few years and heard good things from friends… just got the 156 stomper and it seems like the perfect board for all around ripping with a focus on parks 🤘

Cream Snowboard
Gavin Meyer
Hella clap

This thing looks so sexy I can’t wait to ride it this winter, the 158W was sold out so hopefully my size 11 boots fit on her decently. I am pretty impressed with the technology in this board and even like the shape more. I also got some last years switchback bindings to stack on there. Overall I am juiceddd to cream.

Eiki Pro Snowboard
Kim Hasselberg
Fun board

Really fun board! Smooth and very fun! You Will not regret buying this board!

Eiki Pro Snowboard
Chris Weston
Flexy feather

This board is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Shipped fast and arrived in perfect condition. Really recommend it to anyone looking to take that next step in the park. Great overall control, great pop and sooooo forgiving. Shout out Lobsters customer service team as well. Super helpful and always responded timely

Icon 5-Panel Cap
Chris Weston
New favorite.

This instantly became my “go-to” hat. My family’s mad at me I won’t take it off.


My best friend and I discovered your grand and we are hooked!!!! You make absolutely amazing products and we are spreading the Lobster brand all over Winter Park Resort in Winter Park, Colorado. Thank you for your outstanding gear! And please keep it coming!!!

Eiki Pro Snowboard
Anthon Malmstedt

Bought the board mid-summer so haven't been able to ride it yet.

Was looking for a more playfull board and it ticks all the boxes so far. Weighs next to nothing with crazy flex.
Super stoked to finally get my hands on a Lobster, after longing for one for years.
Have been riding 3BT before and it's awesome.

Fast and safe delivery, no problems

Cream Snowboard
Cyrus Goode

I bought this board this spring to ride next season. Straight outa the box I can already tell she’s gonna be all time on jibs. The camber profile complimented by 3bt will deliver plenty of pop whilst maintaining a catch free nose and tail so you can get extra playful if ya know what I mean. Personally I would put the flex at a 3-4 my DOA is rated at 5 but compared to the cream it feels like 8. Looking at the graphics makes me hyped but confused at the same time and the top sheet has a smooth mate finish. Definitely not a board to defile with stickers. So excited to get this puppy strapped on my feet.

Stomper Snowboard
Alex Navazi

I was worried about this thing being too stiff from other reviews but outta the box I can tell it's definitely not. Seems like the perfect mid flex, can't wait to give it a shot next season. Also super stoked on the graphic! Cheers!

Stomper Snowboard
Pedro Saez
Garantía de tabla

Muy buen trato y contacto con la empresa para realizar el tramite

Stomper Snowboard
Tristan Cheaz
Best boards out there

Always been a fan of Lobster, although the 3bt makes you a bit lazy. Either way you feel extra confident hitting sketchy rails and try stuff you wouldn’t normally think of with another board

Sender Snowboard
Time To “SENDeR”

After sporting the Burton “love” for 10+ years I am Stoked to be apart of the LOBSTER Crew. Season isn’t over yet In “Cali” These upcoming seasons will BETTER/memorable. @Bear/Snow Summit we speak highly of y’all. Thanks LOBSTER.


Cream Snowboard
Jackson Carney

I like the board. its fun for presses and butters stiffer than it seems which is cool


Bought a super doa for my resort slayer this year. I snapped it after maybe a dozen rides. Decided on the Lobster Sender and man holy f this thing is siiick. Great on side hits and jumps, super stable yet also super playful and buttery. No regrets and I will be sticking to Lobster or Bataleon. Love this sender, if you send then this stick is a no brainier🤘🏽

Cream Snowboard
Great board

Got this board near the end of the season and I can already tell it'll be my main board for next year! It's great!

Great Shirt

Keeps me warm in the spring

Driver 3Bt
Eric Bueno
Very good product. Quick delivery

I was not sure what to expect as I did not know the brand. My son convinced me. I was happily surprised

Shifter Snowboard
Eric Duran
100% satisfied

Great board. Shipping was fast. Board arrived in good shape and the free shirt was much higher quality than I was expecting. I can't wait to get a chance to ride it next winter!

Shifter Snowboard
Andrew Hammond
The future

First, I could not be happier with the deal I got & the customer service/shipping is on point. It’s so awesome being able to order these boards online & have them ship from the USA for quick delivery.
As far as the boards go, I have 3 (shifter, driver, & Aaron Schwartz) & will be selling most of my other boards next season. I refuse to ride anything without the lobster 3D base. It’s takes snowboarding to the next level. Literally makes everything better, more catch free, quicker edge to edge, crazy float in POW, & still holds a good edge when engaged. Lobster for life!

Not entirely what I expected

First time purchasing from you guys,
So I copped my CREAM snowboard and it stated I could add on a free t shirt (this purple one), so I added it thinking there would be no additional charge. At checkout, the additional $30 shirt was added to the total purchase, which I assumed the cost of the shirt would be deducted at final checkout point (like many websites do).
Basically, I paid $30 extra for an advertised “free t shirt” that I didn’t really want. Did anyone else see this issue?
Shirts cool, stoked with the board, just wish your advertising wasn’t so misleading.

Cream Snowboard
Nicholas Herrera
So Creamy

Ultra fun board that is extremely playful and fun to take anywhere on the mountain. Flex rating definitely feels a bit high like the other reviews say - if I could rate the flex myself I would probably call it a 3/10, but the full camber helps to offset that and keep the board really stable!