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Halldor Pro Binding

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The Halldor Pro bindings are fully spec’d out for all-mountain freestyle riding. The wrap around high backs and flexible rubber ankle straps give you all the support you need to live out your dreams.


Binding Flex

Soft / Playful

Hard / Aggressive



Space Base

Our flagship base is unique in snowboarding, seamlessly combining aluminum with the highest grade nylon composite. It’s stronger, lighter, fully adjustable and tool free. The minimized footprint aids board flex and offers unparalleled fit regardless of boot brand and size.

Space Pad

This full EVA heel/toe pad helps dampen any vibrations when you’re maching it and cushions even the heaviest of landings. The angled toe ramp improves edge control.

Cocoon Straps

Cocoon Straps are flexible, pre-curved, and form fitting to hug the contours of any boot. The perforated mesh makes them more flexible and reduces pinch areas, while the outer strap disperses pressure evenly across the foot.

Reachround HB

Developed by Halldor Helgason, these anatomically shaped highbacks provide comfortable boot and calf support to make those presses proper and help stick landings. They're slightly rotated and have adjustable forward lean for the perfect amount of response and control.



Halldor’s preferred highback is the Reach-Around. He swears by this shape as it is the only highback that can stand up to the power of his stomp. The extra wrap on the outside of your boots makes it perfect for transitioning extra power into your pop and presses.


Lobster Heel straps are designed to fit perfectly around any kind of snowboard boot shape. When the straps are tensioned pressure is spread across the entire surface of the heelstrap reducing pressure points.


The only tool you even need is the screw driver to attach these bindings to your board. Otherwise everything on this binding can be adjusted without a tool. No hardware also means saving weight.


Our design completely eliminate the ‘forward lean block’ most brand use. Making for a cleaner Forward lean geometry with no gap between the highjack and heel cup.


Did you know that Halldor’s preferred set up for riding park is without highbacks? Lobster bindings make it easy to experiment with no back riding since they pop out in seconds because of the tool-less construction. If you havent tried riding without highbacks you should now!


The pre curved ladders make your straps naturally fall open and to the side so they are not in the way when you want to get your boot in there. Your friends will never have to wait on you to strap in any longer!


With multiple attachment positions on both ladders you can customise the geometry of your binding perfectly. Go for a higher heel strap placement for a more solid ride with your boot being held more backwards into the heelcup. Or place the straps lower for a more downward directed force into the base for a looser skate-like feel


Our ratchets come with four rows of grippy teeth that allow for super fast strap closure. No patience for slow ratchets!


No other binding in snowboarding is build this way. Lobster unique overmold construction marries super strong extruded aluminium with the forgiving flex of nylon glass fibre. Here is a bas that is as strong as it is comfortable. Never break a heelcup again!


This space age geometric strap material expands evenly around your boot when you crank it down, spreading the pressure while staying firmly in place. It’s also tough as hell.


The Space Base can be fine-tuned to fit your boot sizes perfectly every base has 3 position so you can make it bigger or smaller when needed. No tools needed.


The corner points of any binding is usually where the most pressure builds up especially with high impact landings. This can be so intense that it can possible snap your board on those tail heavy landings. Because we bless these corners with high density rubbers you have much less chance of snapping your favourite board.


We have eliminated all hard parts from under your heels. The heelpad in this binding is a full EVA cushion pad giving you the most protection possible. Nobody likes a heelbruise so nothing but high impact foam between your boot and board.


The reduced size of the minidisk decreases the ‘deadzone’ in your board’s flex pattern allow for a binding that flexes more naturally with the board for a perfect connection and power transfer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Patrick Henkhaus

The bindings are awesome, I loved the raised toe pad. It allows for really good carving on the toe edge and feels like there is a a new feeling of control. The one issue I have with these bindings is that the High Back with it's winged flair knocks on the side boa of my boots and pops them loose. I am planning on getting lace up boots, because I like the bindings a lot.

Halldor Pro bindings

Most trash ass binding I’ve ever had. Really wanted some switchbacks from back in the day and these were far from that quality, day 1 the ladders stripped on me, then the high back wouldn’t click into place. Baseplates came loose halfway thru the day. Returning them as soon as they email me back been waiting 2 weeks .

Nicholas rowell

Got them and my Shifter in today. First I want to say, these are the biggest pain in the ass to set up. Yes, they’re tool less, but i can set up my union strata in 5 minutes. It took me over an hour to figure out how to get these adjusted.

Aside from that, the toe strap is made of a very plastic piece of…. plastic. It’s not gel or flexible really, unlike any other binding i have. I have a worry that it will begin to dig into my boot over a bit of time.

Lastly, and the reason i will be returning these, the toe strap rachet release tab does not work. I attempted to release it for the first time after installing them and putting my boot in to check heel/toe drag.

All in all, they are sub par compared to what I usually ride. You get what you pay for, and I personally would like better quality.

Matt Harris
Freestyle all the way

I'm a freestyle instructor and I must say, these are probably the best bindings I've ever owned, not only are they forgiving, but they are flexible. I started out with floating some 180s, then hucked some 540s and they allow me to control the flex of the board way better than any other bindings. I wound up breaking the side rail on the binding due to high torsional twist, and new base plates were at my house as i got off work 2days later. Epic functionality, and even better customer service. Keep it up Lobster, you have a rider for life now...

Christopher Kennedy
Hella forgiving flex

Landing in these bindings are a dream, these bindings are hella forgiving on your ankles. If you're looking to purely carve though, I'd get more stiff bindings. I think they are a nice balance of trying to get the best out of the park - freestyle - groomer. Deffs gonna have fun destroying my new lobster board and bindings

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