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Board Cozy Black

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You know how karma works, if you are extra nice to your board then your board will be extra nice to you. The best way to be nice to your board is to pack it up nice and cozy in this neoprene board sleeve. You dont even have to take your bindings off. When your board is safely tucked into the Lobster Board Cozy you can then toss it in the back of your mums car without worrying about scratching it up. The stretchable Board Cozy will fit around every lobster board size in the line. 

Customer Reviews

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Travis Perkins
Super cozy

Happy to have thrown this thing in my cart at the last minute. Beats having a bulky bag with too much going on. The board cozy is slim and convenient and protects your board where it needs it most.

Noah W

I wanted something to protect my board when I’m storing it in the summer and when it’s on my roof rack, I couldn’t have thought of anything better. Easy on and off

Shreddly Bones
Wrap your wood

This thing amazing. It's equivalent to suiting your board up with a 4/3 wetsuit before chucking the Pacific. Thick, flexible neoprene of some kind. Clearly an HQ material, yet stretchy as well. My favorite design feature, though, are the two independant sidewall flaps that Velcro together. They open out like wings and make it a much more user-friendly product than it could have been. Additionally, they left openings for your bindings as well... so theoretically you can just keep your wood comfortably burritoed at all times non-shred.

If you'd like to have a look, I share some first-hand thoughts about this comfy blanket after wrapping a new Huck Knife Pro with one:

Lobster Cozy @ (2:38)

Also, I bought 3 of these before knowing anything because I'm pretty sure it's the only thing like it on the market? All 3 immediately wrapped boards. Great addition to the Peace of Mind category in life.

Get you one!

Zach Swanson
exactly what I was looking for

Does a perfect job of protecting my boards when I toss them all in the back of the car, without having to take the bindings off or mess with a proper case. Also, you can't see it in the pictures but the base is fully covered by neoprene. Only thing I'd change is its a bit of a pain to get on and off as you have to stretch the end over your board tip, some kind of opening with velcro on one end would make it perfect. Wouldn't mind an XL size for other boards either